Unbeatable Quality - Fresh or Frozen

We know the best seafood is fresh seafood. At Whitney's, we get our local fish right off the boat. When it comes to our global suppliers, we deal directly with the source to bring in the absolute freshest seafood you can buy. When quality matters, it has to be Whitney and Son.

Fin Fish

Selection and Quality

fish fillet

We take pride in being the premier supplier of fresh fish and do our best to have what your customers want. Many fish types are seasonal and not available all year round so check early and often to see what's in season and what's coming soon.


Everyone knows that shellfish are perfect for freezing. So naturally most of our shellfish is individually flash frozen for maximum freshness. This also means you can get shrimp from the Gulf or crab from Alaska and still serve the freshest meals around. We carry shrimp, crab, lobster and others in a large variety of types and sizes. Call your sales rep to see what's on sale today.

Other Seafood and Value Added


Octopus and squid make intriguing additions to a menu. We strive to bring you the freshest exotics the oceans have to offer. Be sure to ask your sales rep which exotics are in season and impress your patrons.