Returns and Refunds Policy

We guarantee the quality of our fresh seafood on the day of delivery.  

We will issue a credit or refund on the portion of product deemed unacceptable for the following reasons

We do not guarantee Fresh Seafood beyond the time of arrival. Seafood is extremely perishable and must be kept under strict temperature limits which we cannot guarantee once the product is outside our control. 

*FRESH is a term used to describe a marketable condition.  Fresh seafood will not exhibit signs of discolor or odor associated with prolonged storage or improper conditions.

Fresh seafood deemed unacceptable must be reported the same day as delivery. Product must be returned to be eligible for credit or refund within 24 hours.

Frozen product should be prepared promptly upon being thawed. We cannot guarantee frozen product that is stored for any length of time after thawing and do not recommend refreezing. Frozen product deemed unacceptable upon thawing must be reported promptly upon discovery and we may require its return to qualify for credit or refund within 24 hours.

All frozen product is intended to be used within 3 months of delivery. 

We cannot guarantee our Lobsters and Mussels beyond the day of delivery.

Live product, like other fresh product, cannot be guaranteed beyond the day of delivery.  Be sure to inspect all product promptly and notify us of any problems directly.

ADDRESS CORRECTIONS: Customers are held responsible to input their correct SHIPPING ADDRESS. This includes Name, Street, City, State and Zip Code.

We will not refund or reimburse orders that were not delivered on time due to an incorrect address.

These are the terms you accept when you place an order with us.