Wholesale Seafood Distributors

Fresh Seafood

Local Seafood Fresh Off the Boat

Whenever possible, we use local fishermen to ensure we get the freshest seafood possible. We can collect the catch directly from the boat just 4 minutes from our facility in Hudson FL. We work with fishermen throughout the Greater Tampa Bay area and vendors capable of bringing only the best quality seafood.

If you want it fresher, you need a fishing pole.


We cut fresh fish to order in a tightly controlled environment at our Hudson facility. Our skilled cutters make a chef's job simpler with consistent quality.

Pick-up or Delivery

Our refrigerated trucks travel every week from Venice to Orlando to Gainsville and all points between. We are the largest local supplier of fresh seafood in the west-central region of Florida.

Freshly Frozen Seafood

Global Supply

Our vendors represent the best the worlds oceans have to offer. We can offer lobster tails from Venezuala, crab legs from Alaska, or Shrimp right from the Gulf of Mexico.


Our HACCP inspected faciility is designed to keep frozen seafood frozen until you need it. Our large freezers are maintaned at 0°F.

Frozen Delivery

It's vitally important that frozen fish not arrive half thawed. Maintaining the quality of the environment is our top priority whether we're taking delivery, storing, or making a delivery. When we get frozen seafood, we ship it frozen and it arrives frozen.